Hi, I’m Jaqui

A Photographer in Cape Town

First and foremost, I’m a wife, a mother and a friend but my happy place is when I’m creating. Whether its helping plan the perfect shoot, capturing those natural, candid moments or ​creating magic in post production….it’s the creative process that makes my heart beat a little faster and makes me good at what I do. More often than not clients become friends as I share in the most intimate moments of a family’s life journey.

I have followed my husband career across continents and I have lived in many unusual countries, in fact by the time my son celebrated his first birthday we had lived on 3 continents. I have been exposed to colourful cultures and interesting backdrops and I like to believe this has trained my eye to find the colour, expression and life in every picture I capture.

I have recently relocated from Kuwait back to South Africa and I look forward to making my mark and capturing beautiful memories in the Mother City.


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